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WebAWeek - Website design for small businesses



WebAWeek is an express web design and digital marketing studio that specializes in helping small businesses, solopreneurs, freelancers, students, and individuals establish their online presence quickly and easily -- typically within one week. 

We not only create custom websites, but also create online stores, social media branding, content marketing, company profiles and pitch decks, and more.

We combine design and marketing expertise with digital know-how and an innovative tech toolkit.

We've built websites for individuals and businesses across diverse industries and helped launch their brand presence online. The one thing they all had in common was that they were delighted with the outcome. 


Our services are ideal for small and medium businesses, solopreneurs, freelancers, organisations, or individuals looking to showcase their work or digitalize their business. In addition to creating your website, we can also help you craft your initial brand presence, and launch your new business on the web, social media and other digital marketing platforms. 


In today's digital age, a website is not only absolutely essential for businesses, but also for individuals wanting to build their personal brand. Having a website allows businesses to reach potential customers around the globe, and serves as a digital storefront. Having a personal website allows you to showcase your work and your unique personality, and get discovered for potential opportunities worldwide. 

We collaborate with You.


You'll need to send us your text content. We'll help clean it up, make it SEO-friendly, and add a tagline or two if necessary. 

The more editing it needs, the more time it will take, of course. :)

Branding and imagery

You'll need to send us your logos, and any other specific brand assets or images you'd like to feature on your sites.

For everything else. we will use creative commons images that are free for commercial use.

The not-so-fine-print -- "T&C apply"...

The one-week timeframe is subject to clarity of the brief, readiness of your content, complexity of design changes, and importantly - approvals, and communication on your part.

We will typically share a first draft of your website within 3-4 business days, and the completed beta version within 7 business days.

We can then add the finishing touches and go live when you are ready.

If you'd like us to create a logo, custom graphics or content from scratch, we'll try to help, but that will take longer, of course. 

What we ask of you is a clear brief, clear content, clear communication and timely action.

Meet the Founder


Sharon D'Costa was founded by Sharon D'Costa, an entrepreneur, marketer and designer who specialzes in brand strategy and digital marketing for startups and small/medium businesses. She has a background in brand marketing and professional experience with Fortune 500 companies, startups, and non-profits. 


As an entrepreneur, she understands the digital needs, challenges and constraints that SMBs and micro-businesses face. WebAweek was started with the aim of providing a high-quality yet cost-effective and efficient digitalization solution to new businesses, solopreneurs and individuals to help them launch their online presence with confidence.

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